technology technician job description

Technicians log requests and their status for the tickets raised by users. They will also have to interact with clients to understand and meet their business requirements.

Technicians aid in planning, design, building, and deploying new systems and equipment. They partner with the information technology team to fix, implement, maintain, and document the IT ecosystems of their organization. They carry out precautionary maintenance for all computer systems and examine existing systems to determine solutions to improve efficiency and reliability.
Information Technology Technicians must have an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science. It will help if they have had formal training.

Although it is not mandatory for IT technicians to hold certifications, it would be beneficial if they have CompTIA certifications in Linux+, A+, CCNA or MCP. Knowledge of SQL and MAC and Windows OS is essential.

Moreover, it would be beneficial if candidates know basic computer programming. Experts aver that computer programming or coding is essential even for non-technical job positions. If technicians know how to program, it will help them troubleshoot technical issues much better.
technology technician job description
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